Ontario Safety Standards

Ontario Safety Standards is a leader in innovative energy equipment and home services, including green energy products. Headquartered in Ottawa Canada and operating primarily in Ontario, OSS is providing residential and commercial customers with a wide range of water treatment, heating, cooling and energy saving solutions. As an industry leader in providing environmentally responsible energy options, the company offers simple and effective sustainability programs that enable greater choice and control for consumers to help them reduce the negative impact of their everyday energy use. The business is rapidly growing in the umbrella of companies under parent corporation Ontario Stars with over 100 staff members and presence in 3 provincial markets across Canada, with plans for international expansion. We recognize that teamwork and dedication leads to a successful organization. Our Leaders are equipped with the skill and knowledge required to ensure that our customers are satisfied with long lasting and reliable energy saving products and home services.

We provide high-efficiency and eco-friendly products in two different Canadian markets!


Our Team

Safe, healthy and productive work environment.
Extensive and comprehensive training, learning and mentoring programs.
Recognition of hard work, determination and success.

Our Clients

Serve our customers truthfully and with integrity.
We take feedback from our clients.
Respect the customers’ privacy and protect all of their confidential information in every case.

Our Communities

Operate responsibly, no matter the community.
Actively participate in local charities and events.
Helping neighborhoods create a clean sustainable environment.

The Environment

Always do business in an environmentally friendly way.
Promote only eco-friendly products.
Promote everyone’s personal responsibility to making the environment a better place.
Offer innovative, green product solutions.


It was a pleasure dealing with you. I found the terms reasonable and they were responsive to my concerns. The installation was done professionally. Thank you!
- Barry, Mississauga
Installers were professional, courteous, and knew their stuff. I just wanted them to be recognized for their good service! Thanks!
- Antonio, Brampton
I had a brand new Furnace and Air Conditioner installed at my home by them. The representative that initially came to my house was very knowledgeable and helpful. He explained the benefits of their energy star equipment and set up an installation for the next day. The technicians who installed both
Excellent service from this company. Agent was extremely helpful and honest. Installation was done the next day professionally and I am very happy with my new high efficiency water heater and furnace. Highly recommended to all.
- James,Mississauga
Thank you for making the process of replacing my old furnace so simple! The technicians that came to my home were very kind and professional. They installed the new furnace quickly and left a very clean work area.
- Tammy, Niagara Falls
I would like to thank you for the great overall professional service you had provided us. You were extremely informative, available for all our calls and friendly kind person. I know we had many obstacles but at the end the job was completed as per your promise. I look forward to referring my friend
I would like to first start off by saying thank you for coordinating the installation of the new air conditioner, tank-less water heater and replacement of the electrical panel. The installation went very well and all items have been installed successfully. I would also like to state that the instal
Perry L
Smart Home Program Reviews
My clients have been overwhelmingly impressed with their monthly savings using the Electric Saver, thank you Glenn and your team for such a trustworthy product.
- Perry L., Cincinnati Ohio,Licensed Master Electrician
Ronald L
Smart Home Program Reviews
“I am a retired National Defense electrical engineer and I installed my electric saver 1200 approximately 2 years ago and the savings have been Amazing! “ I would like to thank Electric Saver 1200 for all the savings since the installation. I found it to be a simple installation and a marvelous
Bill G
Smart Home Program Reviews
“An instant drop of 15%!!!” ” I received the unit today and hooked it up in 20 min. I installed an amp meter on each of my main utility legs. Here is my readings of both 120 volt legs added together 40.7 amps with the electric saver turned off. 34.55 amps with it turned on. That is an instant
Smart Home Program Reviews
“Tried it for myself! $350.00 a month before to $119.86!!!” Electric Saver 1200 Review ” We recommend the Electric Saver product line for everyone. Our customers brag about the energy saving and there is nothing like it. As an Electrical Contractor, I wouldn’t recommend installing anything
Alfred R
Smart Home Program Reviews
“Down 100 Watts Immediately!” “I received the unit last night. I quickly installed and connected it. I do have a TED monitor and immediately my consumption came down 100 watts.” Thank you!
~ Alfred R. in Atlanta, Ga


Our Vision

To be the biggest and fastest growing direct marketing firm delivering stability, value and innovation in every customer, shareholder, and employee and community relationship.


Ensuring we consistently deliver dependable, predictable products and service, reliable investor return, and a strong commitment to the community.


Challenging ourselves daily to explore forward-thinking solutions and progressive options to deliver gold standard products and services.


Striving to deliver the highest satisfaction and greatest benefit to every customer, shareholder, employee and community partner.



Ontario Safety Standards may periodically audit or investigate any Member and its employees to ensure compliance with this Code of Conduct.

Recent changes to the Consumer Protection Act (effective April 2015), have put preventative measures in place to protect homeowners from aggressive and misleading door-to-door sales tactics. But even with new laws in place, you need to be cautious when dealing with door-to-door salespeople.

While some salespeople use aggressive sales techniques, Ontario Safety Standards Eco-Advisors only visit homes to educate homeowners on the financial and environmental benefits of upgrading their home equipment.

Door-to-door salespeople sometimes misrepresent themselves as Ontario Safety Standards efficiency advisors, your utility, or a government agency and make false claims about their service.

What you should know

  • Never let an unknown visitor enter your home
  • Make sure to get the name and contact details of the salesperson and the company they represent
  • Understand your rights under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002


The Code of Conduct applies to all Members and volunteers.

Ontario Safety Standards, (the “OSS”) has adopted this Code of Conduct to define personal and professional standards of conduct and acceptable behavior for all Members including vendors, retailers, suppliers, funders, manufacturers, industry organizations, (collectively, “Corporate Members”), employees, trainees, students, volunteers, business professionals, and others carrying out assigned responsibilities for the OSS and its Corporate Members (collectively, Individual Members).

It is the responsibility of all Members to act in a manner consistent with this Code of Conduct and to hold other Members accountable to these standards. It is the responsibility of each Member to report Code of Conduct violations to appropriate individuals.

Violations of this Code of Conduct will be addressed through applicable administrative policies detailed in the By-Laws related to inappropriate behavior and conduct. The OSS will not tolerate acts of retribution against any Member who reports violations to this Code of Conduct.

The standards of conduct summarized below will help to ensure a positive and professional environment for all Members and volunteers, and foster a culture that optimizes consumer satisfaction.

Standards of Conduct and Professionalism

  • Treat all persons with respect, courtesy, care, dignity and a sense of fairness;
  • Act with professionalism, honesty, transparency, and high ethical standards
  • Resolve conflicts in a professional, constructive and timely manner;
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of all homeowners and clients;
  • Be sensitive to the needs of individuals with diverse backgrounds and characteristics (including gender, race, age, disability, nationality, sexual orientation and religion);
  • Communicate openly, respectfully and directly with, vendors, suppliers and consumers in order to promote mutual trust and understanding;
  • Willingly participate in, cooperate with and contribute to OSS briefings, reports, and investigations of adverse events; and
  • Support the OSS’s continuous “best practice” review of industry standards and uphold all of its policies.

Sales and Training

  • Maintain and enforce sales and installation policies and guidelines in accordance with OSS standards and agree to be accountable for the conduct of sales representatives in the field, whether employees or independent contractors;
  • Observe OSS standards for marketing materials, sales training, sales scripts, independent contract and installation verification, warranty, maintenance and service complaints;


  • Ensure that logos and other identifying markings used on material distributed and material worn by its employees, independent contractors, volunteers or other representatives, are clear, legible and not misleading, and in particular that they do not suggest or convey the impression that such representatives represent or are affiliated with any government department, agency or program;
  • Ensure that only logos and other identifying markings approved by the Corporate Member are present on the uniforms of any of its employees, independent contractors, volunteers or other representatives;
  • Ensure that it has all necessary local, municipal, provincial and federal permits, licenses, and certifications required while holding itself out as a Member of the OSS;
  • Ensure all sales agents and technicians are properly bonded and have successfully passed all appropriate Criminal background checks;

Advertising, Disclosure and Pricing

  • Ensure that all consumer contracts for sales, rental, installation, or servicing contain on their front page a clear Consumer Disclosure Statement in a form approved by the OSS;
  • Review all marketing materials at least annually to ensure advertising claims are accurate, sourced, compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, and not misleading;
  • Review at least annually all sales call scripts, confirmation scripts, and the like used by its representatives to ensure compliance with this Code of Conduct;
  • Ensure customers are aware of their rights and remedies under consumer protection and competition legislation;

Complaint resolution

  • Ensure that all customer contracts for sales, rental, installation, or servicing contain on their front page a Consumer Rights Statement in a form approved by the OSS which clearly sets out the consumers right to complain to the Corporate Member directly or to the OSS and the means for doing so;
  • Maintain adequate personnel, resources and processes to receive complaints in person, by telephone, electronically or in writing and respond to them in a timely manner;
  • Report to the OSS quarterly on the status of all complaints received;

Compliance with the Law

  • Acknowledge that violations of the law or regulatory requirements will harm the reputation of the OSS and its members and therefore their ability to meet their objectives;
  • Comply, and ensure that they have adequate processes and resources in place to assure compliance with all applicable consumer protection legislation;
  • Comply, and ensure that they have adequate processes and resources in place to assure compliance with the Competition Act (Canada), particularly including, but not restricted to, the provisions of the Act relating to price discrimination and deceptive marketing practices;

The OSS may periodically audit or investigate any Member and its employees to ensure compliance with this Code of Conduct at the Member’s expense in the case of a Corporate Member and at the expense of the Member’s employer or principal in the case of an individual Member.