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September​ ​ 18,​ ​ 2017

Ontario Safety Standards Enters The Smart Home ​Market​ with First ​Smart​ Home Program

Canada’s Total Smart Home Bundle

Ottawa,​ ON​ – ​ Ontario​ Safety​ Standards​ today​ announced​ the​ Canadian​ release​ of​ the Smart​ Home​ Program​ (​ ),​ Ontario’s first​ rent-to-own​ home​ service​ bundle​ designed​ to​ reduce​ energy​ and​ purify​ home​ water by​ combining​ power​ factor​ correction,​ programmable​ thermostat​ controls​ and​ sanitizing ultra-violet​ light​ technology,​ in​ a ​ smaller​ package​ to​ bring​ users​ the​ next​ level​ in​ energy savings,home​ comfort​ and​ safety.

“Consumers​ have​ been​ calling​ for​ more​ affordable​ energy​ costs,​ and​ we’ve​ responded by​ introducing​ our​ smart​ program​ bundle,​ making​ energy​ and​ water​ use​ more​ efficient and​ clean​ and​ redefining​ today’s​ market,”​ said​ the​ Business​ Development​ Consulting Team,​ Ontario​ Safety​ Standards.​ “Throughout​ our​ company,​ we​ have​ strived​ to​ give customers​ the​ best​ possible​ experience​ with​ the​ most​ efficient​ and​ energy​ saving devices​ on​ the​ market.”


Sustainability​ ​ and​ ​ Savings

Whether​ it’s​ at​ home,​ work​ or​ at​ the​ cottage​ consumers​ want​ cheaper​ energy​ bills​ with longer​ lasting​ equipment​ while​ reducing​ carbon​ footprint.​ The​ Smart​ Home​ Program raises​ the​ bar​ for​ total​ home​ energy​ efficiency​ and​ water​ safety.​ For​ the​ first​ time​ ever,homeowners​ can​ enjoy​ point​ of​ entry​ voltage​ and​ UV​ water​ filtration​ coupled​ with​ smart temperature​ controls​ without​ high​ start-up​ or​ expensive​ installation​ costs.

“The​ Smart​ Home​ Program​ features​ a ​ power​ factor​ correction​ unit​ installed​ at​ the electrical​ panel​ that​ reduces​ voltage​ distortion​ from​ appliance​ motors​ and​ AC​ devices thereby​ reducing​ energy​ demand​ and​ wear​ and​ tear​ on​ electrical​ equipment,”​ said Saeed​ Torbati,​ Founder​ and​ CEO,​ Ontario​ Safety​ Standards.​ “In​ addition,​ a ​ smart thermostat​ further​ reduces​ home​ energy​ consumption​ and​ works​ automatically​ or​ by remote​ control​ from​ your​ smart​ phone.”

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Performance​ ​ and​ ​ Longevity

The​ Smart​ Home​ Program​ was​ designed​ for​ consumers​ looking​ for​ peace​ of​ mind​ and affordable​ energy​ saving​ and​ water​ safety​ equipment​ for​ entire​ homes (​​ ).​ Ontario​ Safety​ Standards​ bundled​ the guaranteed​ lifetime​ warranties​ on​ all​ Smart​ Home​ Program​ equipment​ with​ a ​ 21​ point annual​ preventative​ maintenance​ check​ up​ on​ homeowner’s​ heating​ and​ cooling devices.​ An​ inline​ ultraviolet​ bulb​ and​ ballast​ attached​ to​ the​ home​ water​ main effectively​ kills​ 99.9%​ of​ all​ bacteria​ and​ harmful​ microbes​ DNA​ preventing​ any replication​ of​ unwanted​ organisms​ in​ drinking​ water.​ Floor​ to​ ceiling​ coverage​ on​ almost everything​ energy,​ air​ and​ water​ in​ the​ home​ ensures​ maximum​ safety,​ efficiency​ and dependability​ throughout.


Pricing​ ​ and​ ​ Availability

The​ Smart​ Home​ Program​ is​ available​ now​ exclusively​ at​​ and​ through​ participating​ Ontario​ Safety​ Standards home​ advisors.​ Pricing​ starts​ at​ $19.99/month.


About​ ​ Ontario​ ​ Safety​ ​ Standards

Ontario​ Safety​ Standards​ provides​ affordable​ rent-to-own​ water​ filtration​ and​ energy efficient​ equipment​ for​ consumers​ in​ Ontario.​ With​ a ​ proven​ business​ model​ built​ on roviding​ energy​ saving​ equipment​ and​ service​ bundles​ and​ rapidly​ growing​ since 2015,​ the​ company​ prides​ itself​ in​ serving​ thousands​ of​ homeowners​ every​ year. Ontario​ Safety​ Standards​ is​ headquartered​ in​ Ottawa,​ ON​ with​ satellite​ office​ in Toronto.​ For​ more​ information​ see​​ .



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