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The best thermostat on the market today!

Written by Rex J from PLEASANT GROVE Oct 30, 2016

I bought my ecobee3 in March 2016, taking advantage of the $100 rebate. I love a ton of things about the ecobee3 that the NEST can’t compete with. The remote sensor, so I can put it downstairs in the family room and get a balanced comfort between floors. The iPhone App that I only had to set up once and it auto connects when I launch it, giving me quick access to everything as if I was standing in front of the unit on the wall (and I was two states away from home!). The weather summary on the main panel that I can observe as I walk by. There are just too many features that I love to list them all. My son has a NEST in his home and I have listened to him talk about it, and I am so happy that I purchased the ecobee3 instead. Don’t regret your thermostat purchase, get the ecobee, either the 3 or the lite and you will be happy you did! – – – I just can’t say enough, it is sooo good! – – – –

Love it

Written by Jeffery S from St.Catharines Oct 18, 2016

Easy to install, looks great, local weather on screen, multiple room sensors and it saves me money.

Awesome thermostat

Written by Joshua D from O Fallon Oct 18, 2016

This is the best thermostat that I found and researched. If your looking at buying one that help regulates different rooms this is the one for you.

Great wifi and smart thermostat

Written by Allen L from Saint Marys Oct 18, 2016

Love my ecobee, I also had a nest also. Best wifi thermostat for iOS which gives you Siri control for tempature in your home. Nice extra smaller thermostat that I can place in other rooms to get better room control of other tempature in other rooms.

Badass Thermostat

Written by Michael S Oct 17, 2016t

The Ecobee 3 Thermostat
Quick facts; used to replace a Honeywell TH6220D and a Honeywell TH 5220D thermostat on a heat pump system with one cool cycle and two-stage heat. Two Ecobee 3 thermostats were installed on a two zone system, one zone being downstairs with the other being upstairs. The only installation issue was knowing that the W wire is a shared connection with the O/B post on the Honeywell thermostats (the wiring configuration from the Honeywell’s was a little confusing to me, although probably not to most – the W or O/B wire connection is the same connection on the Honeywell thermostat). Honeywell uses a central horizontal post configuration in these thermostats and the top configuration is labeled W and the configuration on the bottom for the same connection is labeled O/B.
Something to think about before purchasing either the Ecobee 3 thermostat or the Nest thermostat is the location of your thermostats. One of my thermostats is in a small vestibule leading to the master bedroom on the first floor and the second thermostat is in a media room on the second floor. These are not areas with a clear line of sight nor much traffic which ultimately makes the Nest thermostat somewhat unpractical since it only sees what is in front of it. The same would be said for the Ecobee 3 except the Ecobee 3 allows me to install remote sensors.
Ecobee’s remote sensors are its defining feature. As Ecobee’s website states their thermostats are designed for people who live in houses with more than one room. The remote sensors can be activated individually or in groups and each thermostat has the capacity to carry up to 32 remote sensors on it. This feature alone is what makes this thermostat so valuable to me. I am one of those people who needs to sleep in a room that is on the cool side and the Ecobee allows me to do that. I have a remote sensor placed in my bedroom and when the thermostat enters the sleep cycle it is the only one that’s selected therefore the thermostat is actually reading the temperature in my bedroom and acting on that instead of the main thermostat in the vestibule. For me, the ability to control the temperature in my bedroom with this type of precision is one of the best sleep aids I could ever have. It doesn’t matter whether I like it hot or cold the Ecobee is going to read the temperature in my bedroom and heat/cool to that setting and nothing else.
It’s this degree of programmability and flexibility that I find most desirable with this thermostat. The Ecobee is not a design object like the Nest thermostat which is made of glass and stainless steel. The Ecobee is a utilitarian design to provide maximum comfort and control over your house. It has a couple of features that I think are very important. These are its “follow me” feature, which, with the use of remote sensors, allows you to move from room to room in the house without the main thermostat going into an “away mode”. It also has an “auto away feature” that recognizes when no ones is in the house so even if the thermostat might be in the middle of a cycle that calls for 72° inside it will automatically go to the away setting which by default I believe is 78°.
These are the things that are important to me and the things that I like about this thermostat. I cannot make a claim that the Ecobee will save money, although that is entirely possible. But for most people including myself a claim like that is similar to saying that if you switch to the diet versions of all your favorite foods you will lose weight. The goals are possible but it is the user’s responsibility to apply the technology provided in a way that it will deliver the desired results. In that respect the Ecobee gives the user all the tools necessary to obtain significant savings in energy costs.

Fantastic stat

Written by Ben P from Prince George Oct 16, 2016

I couldn’t be happier with this thermostat. I had almost bought the nest and then at the last minute I saw this one sitting on the shelf. I went home and did some research. The choice was obvious…ecobee. No need to look any further.

Was nervous about installing myself, but was very simple once I started

Written by Aaron C from Charleston Oct 14, 2016

I hate long reviews, but my journey with Ecobee3 is long and I want to do them justice so I’m going to segment this review so you can skip around as needed.

Short bit:
Overall very easy to install, and is compatible with most systems. Great phone support, was able to answer all my questions, and helped save me from having to have someone install this for me. Their App works great on my iPhone and iPad, and is also HomeKit enabled. Features are great, and its so easy to use, looks great on the wall. I honestly can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Ecobee3.

I had been eying the Ecobee3 for nearly a year when I finally decided to take the plunge and purchased it over the summer. I was nervous, as I live in an apartment and didn’t want to mess up the installation process and end up looking like an idiot. Before I purchased the thermostat I called their support number and asked if my system was compatible, I emailed them some pictures while on the phone with them and they let me know that I should be able to install it. Long story short I was able to install it myself in around 20-30 minutes, it was really quite simple, match the letter on your old thermostat to those on the Ecobee3 and then mount it on the wall. I never felt like I wasn’t supported during this process.

The Ecobee3 is so great, very easy to use, and very intelligent, not to mention HomeKit enabled. I love the fact that I can walk into my bedroom, have my ecobee sensor know I’m there, and then regulate the AC so that I can sleep comfortably. Before now I had a “dumb” thermostat, that regulated temperature with the old school mercury system. I used to wake up in the middle of the night burning up, or absolutely freezing depending on the season. It doesn’t make any sense that your thermostat in the hallway controls your temperature for your whole house. Since I installed the ecobee I haven’t woken up once because I was uncomfortable with the Air Temperature. It was very easy to tell it my regular schedule to help further save energy, and my favorite part is that I can tell it I’m going on vacation and it will automatically setup a schedule that’ll save me as much money as possible.

I really can’t speak any higher of this product, the support staff for the company, or the company itself.

Great thermostat for multiple rooms!

Written by Corey S from Ottawa Oct 14, 2016

I replace my Nest with the Ecobee. The Nest was good but some areas of the house were colder than others. When in the basement family room, we would have to manual turn up the heat. With Ecobee, it senses where we are an adjusts it automatically which is very awesome. The HomeKit is also convenient if you like to change the temperature. Overall, it is great for functionality and even allows you to see your usage data and comparisons which Nest would not allow. Very happy with it. If you like to know your habits and like to see trends then the ecobee is for you. Installation can be a bit more trickier but worthwhile as it has been shown that the other thermostats will turn the system on to use the power for itself, costing you more money.

Easy to use

Written by Moises M from North York Oct 13, 2016

Easy to use and install.

The best!

Written by Paul R from Chicago Oct 13, 2016

So part of my new iPhone tradition is recycling my old iPhone at the Apple Store. The gift card for my old iPhone just about covered the cost of the ecobee3. I had my eyes on the ecobee3 as a solution to remote control the thermostat from my upstairs bedroom. Setup was easy not quite 5 minutes, more like 20 minutes. The app has very good clear installation instructions and videos. In 20 mins I was up and running. I love this device!

About a week after installing the ecobee3, I saw online that I was eligible for rebates from my gas and electric providers totaling $150.00. & my wife thinks I’m a genius. Thank you ecobee!!!!!

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