Smart Program Reviews

“Trustworthy Product”

Perry L., Cincinnati Ohio, Licensed Master Electrician

My clients have been overwhelmingly impressed with their monthly savings using the Electric Saver, thank you Glenn and your team for such a trustworthy product.

“An instant drop of 15%!!!”

Bill G. in Ohio

I received the unit today and hooked it up in 20 min. I installed an amp meter on each of my main utility legs. Here is my readings of both 120 volt legs added together 40.7 amps with the electric saver turned off. 34.55 amps with it turned on. That is an instant drop of 6.15 amps. 6.15/40.7= 15%.

I turned it on and off several times and the results were the same.
6.15 amps times 120 volts is 676.5 watts 24 hours a day. This computes to 486 kw in a month, and at 9 cents a kw, my monthly savings will be $43.74 x 25 years product life= $13,122 return on my investment.
Needless to say, i am very pleased.

“I’m saving on an average of 20% monthly!”

Matt J. in IL

When I was introduced to the Electric Saver 1200 I was very skeptical. I was guaranteed my money back if I wasn’t happy with my results.
I have a Towing Shop and my home is using the Electric Saver 1200. I have saved so much money the past couple years, way more then my investment.
I know I’m saving on an average of 20% monthly for the rest of my life, I’m a very pleased customer of this product! THIS PRODUCT WORKS… Thank you!

“When I installed your products I was getting 26% reduction in AMPS”

Jay M. of Utah

To reduce the peak demands of my customer’s power usage I always recommend installing electric savers before the solar PV is installed. This not just saves money but also by installing directly on motors the power requirements are less energy usage. This alone can save thousands of dollars for customers. Just one simple solution before the total solution.

One customer has 5 motors, 3 Air conditioners, one pool pump and a rather large fountain. Almost a year ago I switched out 140 old lights to CFL’s and installed your products directly to the motors. I let the home owner sit with these systems installed for a year. He calls me almost every month telling me he is saving over 50% over his last year utility bills. When I installed your products I was getting 26% reduction in AMPS. I went a checked again and as I suspected now the same motors are 29.92%.

“The Electric Saver 1200 was the best investment I’ve ever made”

Mrs. Gilmore, Palm Springs

The Electric Saver 1200 was the best investment I’ve ever made. I have cut my electric bill by one third.

Thank you!

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